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From: The Desk of Tasleem Khan

Re: The Proven Way to Generate Real Income On eBay


Dear Friend,

Just picture yourself crawling out of bed at 11:30am, rubbing your eyes still in your pajamas, stretching for your phone, checking in your PayPal account and seeing $200 added to your bank balance overnight, every, single, morning?

This is what you can see every morning, if you give me a few minutes of your time.

If you were given an extra $500 – $600 each week for doing practically nothing, how would you go about spending it?

  • Going on extra vacations throughout the year?
  • Buying a better Car?
  • Eating out more?
  • Or even becoming debt free?

How would you like to achieve ALL this?

It’s possible, I know because I have achieved it.

Let me introduce myself, my name’s Tasleem Khan, I’m just an ordinary woman from the UK

But there is one thing a little unusual about me...

I also happen to be a successful eBay online trader and have been for 2 years now. I have achieved all that and more, by just working less than two hours a day.

But it wasn't always like this . . . .

Back in Christmas 2012, a week before Christmas I only had enough money to pay my rent and put food on the table for the next week. I hadn’t done my Christmas shopping because I didn’t know HOW, without any money.

The only solution I could think of at the time, apart from stealing, was to tell my family and friends, the humiliating thing I couldn’t afford to buy them any gifts.

But the MOST painful and devastating conversation I had was on Christmas Day with my 7 year old daughter, telling her why Santa didn’t bring her toy she desperately wanted all year.

Imagine having that sort of conversation with your child this Christmas?

I sincerely hope you're NEVER in that position! But if you've been close - You may know how I felt? The Pain, hurt and devastation caused me to seek new ways to make money. I turned to the internet searching for ways to make money online.

I spent every spare waking moment in front of my computer trying desperately to make money online.

I tried all sorts to make some money online. Blogging, PPC, forex trading NOTHING worked. It was either too complicated, or you needed to be a technical wizard to make some money, or just a complete scam, I actually lost more money than I made money. Anything here sound familiar?

Everyone thought I was crazy, and kept on telling me I was wasting my time and in the depth of my financial depression I nearly gave up… until a friend introduced me to eBay

Yeah, you’re probably thinking I know where this is heading I listed my first item and it sold, and I made some money. Well, actually I didn't, I listed another item and I still didn’t make money. Then one night I was lying in my bed tossing and turning unable to sleep due to my money worries and thinking why my items didn't sell and that I was I too late to get on the eBay band wagon. Are you seeing any patterns here that you've also thought?

Then finally, I had a Eureka moment.....

I listed one item and made £468.27 OVERNIGHT!!!  I finally cracked it, I actually made real money online. Enough to pay the rent. You can imagine the relief, ease and excitement I felt, making that much money without having to go out and slave for it. It was like winning the lottery. And I'd love to share that feeling with YOU! - Can you picture how you'd feel waking to see a months rent in your PayPal Overnight?

But The best thing about it is, anyone can do this. Including YOU! Your bank balance doesn't have to be left to chance, the government or even your boss!!!

Let me show you what YOUR Stats could look like IF you Copy me Step by Step!

With this System

    • You could be enjoying more money in your pocket each week

    • Not worrying about how to pay your bills anymore

    • Buying the things you want without feeling guilty

    • Spend more time with your loved ones

    • A home based internet business that gives you freedom

    • Avoid working long extra hours just for the income, and make the money from eBay

    I truly understand what a difference, an extra income will make to you. I have been where you are today. Constantly trying to pay bills, constantly trying to pay rent, constantly trying to put food on the table. Constantly looking for a solution to make money online. Tirelessly seeking out ways to build a successful business.

    The idea of making extra money from home... in your own time... doesn’t have to be a dream any more . . . . .  this could be the most exciting offer you've ever had.

    It really doesn't matter if you know nothing about eBay, nothing about selling, and nothing about online business. I certainly didn't at first!

    This system is easy to use, easy to follow and easy to step up.

    It’s Actionable, Doable and Profitable.

    You could start to see money in your account by next week.

    • You don’t need any online experience

    • You don’t need any techy skills

    • You don’t need your own website

    • You don’t need to drive traffic

    • You don’t even need a list

    Auction Profits Exposed, A Proven System. . .
    Teaches you, how to successfully make money on eBay.

    Here is what you’ll get:

    A Detailed 173 page eBook 

    A detailed 173 page eBook containing 26 powerful chapters, revealing the exact methods you will use to generate $500 - $600 each week.

    Every method outlined in Auction Profits Exposed has been tested and tweaked in my eBay business over the years. I have perfected it, so you can produce the fastest ways to generate money.

    Apply the tested and tweaked methods outlined in Auction Profits Exposed to your eBay business to produce fastest ways to generate money.


    Checklists to guide your efforts have been provided to ensure that you are able to keep track of your progress. You will not skip a step and leave money on the table when you take the time to print these and complete each one!


    These mindmaps reveals the overview of the Auction Profits Exposed process. Acting as a roadmap through your entire eBay selling process and helping you save time. Easy to follow and use and perfect for if you ever get stuck and want things to move faster

    Audio Course

    I know some prefer listening, so for your convenience I have produced 26 MP3 audio files so that you can download them to your computer, iPhone, iPod, Android device or any other MP3 player. This option really makes learning eBay selling easy.

    Wholesale Guide

    I understand how hard it can be to find the right wholesalers for you to make a profit. So to make this easy for you I have sourced and put together a list of the best wholesalers, to kick start your business.

    See Proof Of Auction Profits Exposed Methods

    You Will Also Discover:

    • How to start your business with no up-front capital

    • How to source items for the best prices, so you can keep more profits

    • Simple methods that can instantly create buyer confidence, so buyers will buy from YOU even if you’re more expensive than your competitors!

    • How to price your item so you know you are selling for a profit

    • How to minimize negative feedback

    • How to use simple tricks within eBay to drive up sales

    • How to go beyond eBay, Yes, You don’t just learn about selling on eBay but also Amazon, so you can make more money

    • Discover the HOT selling items on eBay and Amazon within minutes

    • How to use Social Media sites to increase sales

    • How to Sell without having any stock

    • How to obtain HOT selling items for FREE, and start selling TODAY!!

    • And much, much MORE!!!

    See What Others Have to Say

    John Thornhill

    Congrats on a job well done!

    Your eBook covers some of the best practices
    I know of for making regular incomes from Auctions, that I encourage my own students to do!

    I do like the fact that you cover everything
    that people should be doing in your detailed
    screen shots and descriptions!

    I will be happy to recommend your Auction Profits Exposed to anyone who is looking for simple ways to add more net income to their online adventures simply and quickly.


    John Thornhill JohnThornhill.com
    Randy & Simon

    Hi Tasleem,

    Thanks for allowing us to review your
    Auction Profits Exposed.

    We’re impressed with all the detailed
    description AND screen shots!

    We, and our subscribers, tend to like products that
    give real value and unveil the REAL (nitty gritty) details we need to know, that most people don’t cover!

    With your detailed step by step blueprint,
    it does make it a lot easier for anyone to fully
    understand everything they can do, and how to
    implement it all.

    Compared to many similar product we’ve seen where subjects are touched on but the user is expected to know and understand all the intricacies of something they may never had looked at before – we think our subscribers will appreciate the knowledge and details you’re sharing.

    We look forward to recommending
    Auction Profits Exposed.


    Randy & Simon mediakettle.com
    Michael Cheney

    “I’ve made millions on the internet but am not an expert when it comes to eBay by any means. With Tasleem’s Auction Profits Exposed I was finally able to piece together how to unlock the real profit power of eBay for the first time.

    She revealed some secrets that I never even knew about and I know for sure now that if anyone else really wants to make easy money with auctions that they need to go through Tasleem’s product right away!”

    Michael Cheney MichaelCheney.com

    I have to say Tasleem has done a FANTASTIC job in teaching you step by step how to make money online using auctions and other sites.

    I haven’t come across such a comprehensive guide before, nothing is left out, this is the whole nine yards and MORE!

    Everything is explained in clear step by step fashion with screenshots. Auction Profits Exposed really will take you from newbie to pro in record speed.


    Robert Ainge‏

    If you’ve ever thought about selling on eBay or Amazon but haven’t done anything because you’re not sure what to do then you no longer have any excuse! Auction Profits EXPOSED by Tasleem Khan is a killer how-to guide explaining every step of the very same processes she uses to make money every day. Loaded up with great pictures and lots of easy to follow detail, everything you ever wanted or needed to know is here – even where to source free content to sell for 100% profit.

    Even if you are an experienced eBay or Amazon seller you will still find some great tips and tricks to take your auctions to the next level. I wish I had this book when I started selling on eBay!

    Robert Ainge‏
    Yousaf Saeed


    Yes I am just amazed with the content in Auction Profit Exposed. Its justify the tag line “From Newbie to Auction Pro- Step By Step”.

    Tasleem did a great job in explaining each and every part in detail from getting started and knowing about the working on one of the biggest platforms. She discusses the steps involve in account creation , to making a professional looking account, to creating a killer listing, to become an expert and sell like a pro.

    The screenshots of each steps, make things easy to understand and implement. The drop shipping method is what I love the most and will going to implement soon. The wholesale section is full of solid resources which will help you make your task easy and get a quick start.

    Great work Tasleem!

    Yousaf Saeed yousafsaeed.com

    Let me be Straight With You

    eBay selling, isn’t very hard, honestly it’s not. . . and it’s not a thing of the past. It’s very real, it’s very today, no matter what any so-called “gurus” have said. More and more people are constantly making money on eBay today. And there is no slowing down. More so now, than never before, and you have the opportunity to do the same. …….. BUT (and that's a huge BUT by the way!)... ONLY IF you have the right methods and techniques to use, otherwise you will end up becoming really frustrated, giving up and making NO money.

    Let me help you set up your own online business THIS WEEK

    This is a complete step by step home study course that will guide you through the whole process of generating sales on eBay and more. You're going to get checklists, mindmaps, powerful training and much, much more!

    To make eBay work for you, you need the right methods and techniques that help you stay ahead of the game. This course will help save you time and money. I’ve spent a lot of money and countless sleepless nights perfecting what I teach in this course so you can benefit from it with ease.

    Auction Profits Exposed is a complete training program that is absolutely packed full of value… and will fast track your route to online success in no time.


    We’re NOT talking about an eBook containing out dated, second hand information filled with fluff. This is a step by step course that is jam packed full of brand new information AND Screen Shots that will help you start making money today.

    Get everything you need to get started to your financial independence.

    There are many solutions out there but none that can deliver the results that the Auction Profits Exposed can!

    Considering that there are other solutions that can cost you hundreds of dollars and there are no guarantees, you may be expecting to pay $197 or $97 for such an AMAZING system…

    …That will put your eBay Selling into overdrive!

    But with today’s economy even the most reasonable price can be out of reach for most trying to break into an online business.

    I know how frustrating it is to keep trying to build a profitable online business and when you don’t see the money coming in, it is tough.

    beautiful-15728_640Follow my system and I'm certain you can easily show a 5 figure profit this coming year, working less than two hours a day, as you'll avoid all the mistakes, dead ends and time-wasters that I had to deal with. As you invest more time you could reach your income goals faster than all those things you've tried and failed at. This step by step course has been designed for a friend to follow my footsteps, and they do say a stranger is just a friend you've not met yet.

    But I don't wish to be another one of those people who make big promises just to lure people in.

    I don't need to lower myself to that level, because this is a real business. It works. I do it every day and I love it. I'm willing to put my time and energy into helping you do the same. Obviously, this comes at a price.

    For this entire package - my whole business handed to you on a plate - and my mentoring, I can easily charge $197, or even $297, for this. But I truly want you to succeed online, so I’m not going to charge $97 even though it could easily sell at this price and still be valuable to you, I am not going to charge $47 or even $27.

    By Now you're probably wondering how much you'll be investing to get hold of the 175 Page powerful eBook, its audio recordings, mindmaps, checklist. Along with The trusted Wholesale Guide, with a list of trusted wholesale you can source extra products from today!

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    Auction Profits Exposed

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    Follow my training, and if at any time during the next 60 days you are not completely blown away by what I teach you, then let me know via my support desk, and I will refund your purchase in full.

    My refund policy extends throughout the full length of the course, so you can check out my complete training program completely risk-free.

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    • YES! Tasleem! I'm ready to start learning how to making real money with eBay so that I can finally start generating an easy online income!
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    Auction Profits Exposed

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    To Your Success

    P.S. If you’ve tried to make money before and failed then it isn’t your fault. Let me give you my secret formula for how to make real money with eBay and Amazon so that you can start making money today!

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